My6Method - FAQs

I am Vegan. Will I be able to follow this diet?
Yes, this diet caters to most dietary restrictions.

How many times am I required to workout during the M6M 6-week session?
We suggest a minimum of 3 days per week while on the program. (30- 60 min workouts each)

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Is this a calorie restrictive diet?
No. M6M focuses on the TYPES of foods you’re eating more-so than the amount of calories in each meal. The M6M manual explains, in great detail, what your portion sizes should be vs what your physical activity level is.

Will I be expected to take a ton of supplements, pills and/or shakes on the M6M diet?
No. The M6M diet is all natural, healthy and focused on nutrient dense foods.

I travel a lot for work. Will I be successful on this program if my schedule isn’t consistent?
Yes! Lots of professionals and people who travel a lot for work do very well on the program. Once you learn how to follow the program, eating out and traveling is a cinch. 

I don’t like to cook or I don’t have time to cook. I’m concerned I will have to start cooking on this program.
Yes, cooking does come into play during M6M. Remember, if it’s important to you, you’ll make the time for it! It’s all about priorities! Once you understand the food list, it’ll be a lot easier to eat out and won’t need to cook as much. But, yes, some cooking is required while in your 6 week session.

Is this a meal planning service?
No. M6M isn’t giving you a personalized meal plan to follow. In your manual, you will be receiving a plethora of foods which are broken down into their appropriate macronutrient category. You will have the freedom to pick and choose the foods YOU want and like under very specific guidelines to follow. The tips and guidelines are what will make or break you in the 6 weeks. Stick to the list and tips and you’re good to go!

What if I’m allergic to some of the foods on the list?
Then you don’t eat it! Eat what YOU want off the list. If you have an allergy to anything on the list, skip to the next item.


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