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Linda Konop
Adrienne is a top notch personal trainer! She is enthusiastic, motivating and knowledgable. I know that all my sessions with her will be tailored to me and will be different every time. Since I have been working with Adrienne I have seen improvements in my body and feel stronger every day. To put it simply- ADRIENNE ROCKS!
Donna Gomez
My journey to becoming a more fit and healthy person started the day I met Adrienne Marie and signed up for her 6 Week Challenge in July, 2013. I was in my mid 40′s and had tried for such a long time to lose the weight I had accumulated throughout the years. I couldn’t even go through a week of eating what I thought were good foods and the right portions without going back to eating the things I was so used to which were fatty foods. I was so scared thinking I would fail but I was determined to give it my best shot.
With her guidance and expertise of knowledge in eating clean, I was able to follow her instructions, not fail, not cheat, not feel deprived and got amazing results because of it. She really cares and is devoted to helping people who truly want to be helped reach their goals and start them on the healthy path they will incorporate to their daily life.
Clare S.
I have participated in 4 of Adrienne’s 6 Week Challenges. The process has completely changed my life and transformed by body. When I started the first challenge I was a ‘skinny-fat’ person. I had 21% body fat! Even though I am naturally a small person, my diet was preventing me from reaching my fitness goals. I used to eat whatever I wanted and never understood why my body wasn’t changing, since I’ve always been a ‘workout fanatic.’ I soon learned DIET DIET DIET is the key! Adrienne has taught me everything I know about clean eating. After participating in her challenges, making the necessary changes to my eating habits, I’ve lost a significant amount of body fat and inches. I highly recommend her challenges to anyone that wants to transform their body and learn how to eat clean.
Stephanie M.
I’ve been personal training with Adrienne since November 2013 and she’s helped me build muscle on my body. I used to be fearful of weights, only doing excessive amounts of cardio, fearful that weights would make me too bulky. After training with her, I see how ignorant this way of thinking was and now I love lifting weights. I even like it more than cardio! I also see my body getting toned, I feel myself getting stronger, and I have abs, which I’ve NEVER had before!!
Hope Radtke
Adrienne Foster is my fitness guru. She always puts forth 110% in everything she does, whether it’s mixing workout music, competing, instructing class, or personal training. She’s professional, personable, extremely passionate about what she does, and genuinely cares about her clients. She constantly challenges me with crazy workouts and inspires me to achieve my fitness goals. I am very fortunate to have her as my trainer!!
Dayna S.
Not one diet or personal trainer is the same. So, when Adrienne announced that she was doing a 6-week challenge which included diet training and group personal training classes, I didn’t know what I was in for, but I knew I had to sign up! I had a personal challenge to lose 30lbs by 30, so I was hoping this would be the kick start to some serious lifestyle changes that I needed and wanted to make…and it was! The group personal training sessions were more of a mental struggle and challenge with myself, but I made it through each week and after class I would rush home to write down each circuit exercise so I could replicate them on my own. At first I didn’t know how I would handle the diet changes. I’ve been a victim of “yo-yo dieting” for years. I’ve tried the popular diet plans and I’ve tried limiting portion size, but I’ve given up many times only to quickly gain back what I lost.
Adrienne’s diet plan was like no other and I have to admit, I loved and continue to love the changes I made following her guidelines. Her motivation and drive was what pushed me to stay focused. Completing the 6-week challenge and having Adrienne as my Personal Trainer was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I now feel like I can confidently workout in the weight section of a gym without feeling intimidated and make healthy, clean food choices at home and when out to eat. I never could’ve imagined losing 17.75 inches, 2.8% body fat, and 20.4lbs in JUST 6 weeks and winning the challenge! I feel extremely proud and accomplished to know that I actually did the work and continue to incorporate all that I learned in that short amount of time. I can’t wait to continue my journey!
Ingrid Colon
Ever since I started eating clean, I finally started seeing results in my body. This is the first time I feel like I am going to stick to these habits as a life style instead of just an 8 week diet. I realized that I can do it and continue pursuing my future goals. I am very proud of my accomplishments so far but I am still not done. I still want to continue losing more body fat and shape my body. Adrienne was the best support system for me. She inspires me everyday. Thank you Adrienne for teaching me how to eat clean and for giving me the motivation I needed to accomplish my goals. You are amazing!
Deanna P.
I came to Adrienne as a life-long athlete and competitive runner looking to bump up my fitness and physique to an elite level. Adrienne has not only demonstrated a persistent commitment to helping me reach these goals but also has shown she possesses the knowledge and personal experience required to guide me in every step of the process.
She practices what she preaches in regards to both healthy eating and working out, thus she has always been extremely helpful and understanding any time I have had a question related to diet or exercise. Furthermore, she is prompt and professional in responding to the diverse needs of her students and clients.
Kristen Radtke
When I look at what I have accomplished with my body over the past year–I am stronger, faster, have lower body fat and look slimmer–I feel very proud of the progress I have made and attribute it entirely to Adrienne’s influence and coaching. I have also witnessed many other women of all different ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes undergo amazing transformations while under Adrienne’s guidance. No matter what your current fitness level is or what your goals may be, I am confident Adrienne can help you go from where you are to where you would like to be.
Elizabeth Mendoza
In college, I weighed over 175 lbs. At 5’0, it was unhealthy and embarrassing. I joined Weight Watchers and lost about 50 lbs. Great, right? Not really. I was thinner but still not healthy (diagnosed with high cholesterol). I plateaued at 125 for about 10 years. Nothing helped…running, Zumba, etc. Then came Adrienne. Her 6 Week Challenge really did make me see food and nutrition in a whole new light. Clean eating and THINKING about I was putting in my body was engrained in my brain.

Then came her workouts. Wow. Her workouts keep your body guessing and sweating! Adrienne pushes you to give it your all. She teaches correct form, makes you WORK but makes it all fun with her energy and music. She makes you believe in yourself and that’s when the magic happens. She’s an artist…she sculpts your body using you as a medium and her knowledge and intensity are the tools. I’m in the best shape of my life (I broke through my plateau and then some by losing over 13 inches in the first 6 weeks)…and I finally love what I see in the mirror, thanks to Adrienne.

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